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Are you doing things now that will benefit you in the long run? Or would you say you're more careless with your decisions? Check out these important things that you can do now to prevent money loss later and/or save thousands of dollars!!

Money is important whether you like it or not. It’s a topic that most people prefer to avoid but I honestly enjoy it. My goal is to soon be financially free…meaning no matter what I am comfortable with money because I have enough of it. There is nothing wrong with wanting and/or making a lot of money. If there is a way for me to save money or prevent losing it…I’m all about it. These tips aren’t about “how to make money,” but rather things you can do today to have money later or to prevent you from wasting money.

1. Take care of your health

Eat healthy

This should begin early on in life, because I don’t think many people realize the harm they are inflicting on their bodies even if they don’t directly see it. You can eat tons of fried foods and sugary snacks and not gain a pound, but your insides are crying! I strongly believe that nutrition is the number one thing to prevent and reverse many common diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, etc.). Tons of studies have been performed that demonstrate the positive effect of a whole foods diet. Obviously, I’m going to recommend a vegan diet because I’m biased, but not only will you feel better inside and out, but you’ll be doing one of the most ethical things!

A healthy diet will prevent diseases in the long run, saving you thousands on doctor’s visits, procedures, and medication. It will also help you save at the grocery store! There is a huge misconception that fruits and veggies are so expensive…shop around, try Aldi, Sprouts, Kroger, local farmer’s market, etc. Not to mention, meat and dairy can really add up! If you need some vegan meal ideas check out this post!


Exercise is another disease preventative. Majority of us are fully capable of walking, running, and lifting weights yet it’s more common to sit on your couch all day and binge watch The Walking Dead. To be honest, I’ve never understood how people can be so stagnant throughout their day…getting to the gym is a priority to me. I feel good, it’s healthy stress relief, my body looks good, and I’m working my heart and in turn my whole body is benefitting. $25 a month is nothing for a lifetime of benefits. A gym membership, and actually using it, can also prevent the common diseases mentioned above therefore saving you money later!

Mental health

Another big one that people fail to include throughout their day. Practice mindfulness, read books, solve puzzles, meditate, read affirmations, think positive, etc. Don’t allow yourself to get so stressed that you end up in the hospital with thousands of dollars down the drain.

Dental health

Okay that might have caught you by surprise, but honestly I feel medical expenses are often used for dental procedures…am I right? I know for me that’s the case…unfortunately I just have really poor enamel so I’m more prone to cavities. However, I take care of my teeth like nobodies business! I brush them 2-3 times per day, and I floss and use mouthwash morning and night. I even have a tooth scaler so I can occasionally scrape my own teeth…you’d be surprised how much build-up is left after brushing. Dental procedures are so expensive so do your best to avoid them! Be sure to get a cleaning every 6 months, wear your retainers EVERY night if you have them, never go to bed without brushing your teeth, make a habit of flossing daily, drink lots of water, and don’t EVER try opening things with your teeth!!

2. Take care of your possessions


Keep it clean, keep up with regular maintenance, pay attention while driving, and avoid paying tickets for speeding/disobeying the law! If you are leasing a car…you won’t end up having to pay any fees for damage when you turn it back in. If you own a car…your car will last longer and you can sell it for more money later!

Electronics and other belongings

Are you an avid phone screen cracker? GET A PHONE CASE. I know several people who have dropped their brand new iPhones…and then they spend $200-$500 to get it fixed or replaced. Then literally one week later they shatter it again. If you know you are clumsy, prevent these things from happening! Get a phone case and put it somewhere safe. This goes for anything really. I’ve never understood why people don’t like to take care of their possessions. You’re throwing out your money and wasting product.

3. Start investing NOW

I can honestly say I’m the only 23 year old I know with a life insurance policy and a Roth IRA. Initially, my inspiration was Tony Robbins. I would listen to his interviews and podcasts, and read his book Money Master the Game, which is how I learned about the power of compounding interest. It’s never too early (or late) to start investing. Honestly, people don’t like to invest, especially at a young age, because your money “disappears” until you’re ready for retirement. The difference is mind-boggling though, PLEASE visit this site and look at the graphs demonstrating the difference when investing in your 20s vs in your 50s.

I’ll use myself as an example. For my life insurance policy, I put in the minimum amount every month ($112 for the account I have). By the time I’m 60, I can now pull from this account without being taxed and I’ll have over $50,000 (my monthly payment + compounding interest). My dad on the other hand started his account at the age of 53 or so (I’m not sure how much he puts in each month), when he reaches 60, he will only have about $15,000 to retire with.

And I’m not even maxing out the policy each year yet, which I definitely suggest you do if you can! You can also adjust your policy amount when necessary. With a Roth IRA account, you have the option to contribute monthly or whenever you want to (up to a certain amount per year), but either way compounding interest will benefit you.

ALSO, these accounts will benefit you when filing taxes (depending on your income). For example, because I put $1400 into a Roth IRA, my tax return DOUBLED.

When making decisions, think long-term. I know some people like to “live in the moment” and what not, which is perfectly fine, but there is nothing wrong with planning for your future!

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2 thoughts on “Things to do Now to Save Money Later

  1. Great point on vehicles. I always take very good care of my vehicles. I just traded in my 2005 car at the end of 2016 and put the money toward a new vehicle. Being it was 11 years old the salesman assumed it was rusted out and trashed. He was actually shocked how well I took care of it and I got more for the trade in than I had expected!

    Posted on March 22, 2017 at 6:46 pm
    1. That’s awesome! Yeah I’m not sure why some people don’t care about their possessions :/ I guess when it no longer feels exciting?
      Thank you for reading <3

      Posted on March 23, 2017 at 12:07 pm