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Self-discipline is one of the best characteristic traits you can develop. Implementing discipline can change your life and get you to where you want to be.
Here are 6 reasons why self-discipline is so important!

Self-discipline is easily one of the best characteristics you can develop because it opens up a door of endless possibilities.

Some people choose to look at discipline as restrictive, but it shouldn’t feel like that.

Self-discipline can be defined as the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses.

Essentially, it allows you to resist temptations that stay in your way of your goals.

It’s easy to be disciplined when you feel motivated or high energy, but what about during the struggles?

This is where the power of true discipline comes in. Identifying AS a disciplined person who follows through no matter what, separates the average from the best.

When you can give your goals a higher power than your emotional state, your success is almost guaranteed.

Increases your confidence

Self-discipline is THE ultimate form of self-respect.

If you can develop discipline I guarantee you that you will feel more confident.

First of all, you’ll feel more confident in who you are as a person, the decisions you make, and the actions you take. This is because you follow through with things you say you’ll do or that are difficult to do.

Then, you’ll probably gain confidence in how you look as well. If you develop the discipline to eat healthy, workout, and take care of yourself overall, you’ll start noticing significant changes.

You’ll feel so proud of what you have worked for and you will be confident in your own skin.

When you follow through with difficult things, you’re subconsciously telling your brain that you can do hard things. You can push through even when you don’t want to.

Each time you are disciplined you increase your self-esteem.

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Get sh*t done, even when you don’t want to

Discipline is a character trait but also a habit, both of which can be developed.

I don’t care what anyone says, EVERYONE goes through the feeling of not wanting to do something, even if they love it.

For me personally, I love working out, but many days I don’t even feel like going. However, I always change, go to the gym, and then get into it once I start. I end up having a great workout.

I am extremely disciplined around working out and it has become a habit. So even if I really don’t feel like it, I do it.

Creates freedom

I know it may not feel like discipline creates freedom because you actually have to do things.

I think Jocko Willink said it best:

“But the only way to get to a place of freedom is through discipline. If you want financial freedom, you have to have financial discipline. If you want more free time, you have to follow a more disciplined time management system. You also have to have the discipline to say “No” to things that eat up your time with no payback—things like random YouTube videos, click-bait on the internet, and even events that you agree to attend when you know you won’t want to be there.”

You can create a better, more fulfilling life for yourself through discipline.

You’re more likely to have more money, be healthier, and feel good overall.

You can either live in debt forever, chained to a lender. Or be free to do what you want with YOUR money.

If you have the discipline to take care of your mind and body by eating right and exercising, you significantly decrease the chance of you becoming ill/injured. You’ll be free from hospital beds, medications, and surgeries.

You can create a life you truly love by managing your time well and working on a business outside of your 9-5. You’ll be free from the rat race with time and consistency.

Creates mental toughness

Mental toughness allows you to get through difficult things quickly and without much resistance.

Mental toughness gives you the ability to overcome failures, setbacks, and doubt.

Struggle and problems will always be in your life no matter your circumstances.

However, mentally tough people handle them better than others.

Discipline is going to increase your mental strength because of the many challenges associated with it.

You’ll be uncomfortable a lot, you’ll push through temptations and urges, you’ll push just a little bit more.

Each time you act in a disciplined manner you tell your brain, “I can do this,” or “I can do hard things.”

Little problems or setbacks become irrelevant because even big problems won’t break you. 

Discipline is super powerful.

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Increases your chances of achieving success

Discipline is the most difficult character trait to develop. This is why over ⅓ of the population is overweight and almost 30% of Americans have no savings.

If discipline was easy, everyone would be healthy, financially secure, and on their way to success in any endeavor.

Choosing to eat healthy foods when faced with millions of unhealthy (but delicious) processed foods at the grocery store requires discipline.

Choosing to exercise before/after working instead of laying on the couch to watch Netflix requires discipline.

Choosing to wake up earlier to work on a passion project over sleeping more requires discipline.

Choosing to save money when you really want that outfit requires discipline.

Whatever area you want success in…discipline is necessary.

Makes life easier

Discipline is not easy but it makes life easier. Isn’t that interesting?

The life you live today is creating your future. Every day choices may not seem to impact your life, but they do and they will.

It is easier to hit the snooze button, eat junk food, skip the gym, spend money, and lounge around watching Netflix. However, what life will those decisions lead to?

A lack of discipline leads to laziness, health problems, and financial struggles. It may not be apparent in the present moment, but this lifestyle will lead to a very difficult life. 

You may end up with a disease or aches and pains due to your poor diet and lack of movement.

You may end up living in debt forever because you can’t control yourself in the store.

You may end up regretting the life you live because you didn’t take actions on your true goals.

However, imagine living a disciplined life.

If you have the discipline to eat healthy, exercise, save money, and work on your passion project, you’ll create an easy life.

You will not be disciplined in all areas of life and every single day. Some days will feel impossible.

However, each time you act in a disciplined manner you train your mind and body to be that way.

When opportunities arise to either follow through or not, choose wisely.

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