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7 days of positive tasks to create a healthy, positive week. From paying attention to what you put in your body to budgeting to showing yourself some love, each aspect plays a very important role in your life! Repeat every single week for the best results! Read more at

What if you did something positive and really good for yourself every single day? All those little things would add up to big things, ultimately creating positive habits and a healthier version of you.

Time flies by so fast, and it doesn’t work in anyone’s favor. You should improve your life by 1% every day. Don’t wait for things to go wrong to start either. Everything is about balance, but the things you do today have an effect on the things you do tomorrow, next week, next year, etc.

I like to check in on my “Wheel of Life” occasionally. I like to see how I can improve in each area of my life as frequently as I can without getting overwhelmed.

Below are 7 days of positive tasks that you can start on a Monday or any day of the week! Remember that you don’t need a new week/month/year to start something new! The idea is to get you started on some positive habits. What if you repeated these tasks every single week? You could potentially completely turn your life around!!

Day 1: Improve what is going inside your body

What did you eat yesterday? Did you make dinner at home or go out? Did you consume a ton of processed junk or whole foods? How many glasses of water did you drink? When is the last time you even took vitamins?

What you eat/drink has a huge effect on all areas of your life. Your diet can either be giving you energy or slowly killing you. It can make you feel and look great or leave you feeling bloated and grumpy.

Today I want you to take the time to plan your meals (healthy, whole foods!), go grocery shopping, prepare something healthy (meal prep), and eat this way for the next 6 days.

I also want you to consider starting a vitamin/supplement regimen. Do your research on what your body needs. I highly recommend Ritual multi-vitamins. They will provide the perfect dose for just about everything you need. Probiotics are another great supplement to include to take care of your tummy!

Day 2: Get some sun

Sunshine has many health benefits including improving your mood and boosting your immune system! Sunshine is also essential for Vitamin D! A vitamin then many people are deficient in (including myself), which is another great reason to take the Ritual vitamins I mentioned above.

Anyway, if you’re like me, gloomy weather easily brings you down and makes you groggy. Take advantage of bright days especially during the winter months. If it’s been an especially long time since you’ve seen a blue sky, I highly suggest investing in a light box. It’s a box which emits bright light to mimic the sun. You can place it near you while you journal, read, sit on your computer, etc.

Day 3: Get organized

Take time today to clean off your work space, plan your day (week or month) out, and to put things where they belong. It’s so easy to get distracted and waste a lot of time when things aren’t organized in your life.

I’m a sucker for organization. I use a planner for my daily to-dos, a monthly white board to organize my schedule, and a journal to jot down business ideas and take notes. Find something that works for you!

Day 4: Expand your mind

There’s quite a few things you could do to expand your mind.

Meditate: Try sitting in silence or download an app to guide you through the practice. Meditation has tons of benefits and you just might learn a lot about yourself.

Read a book: Whether it be a self-improvement book or a creative story, reading opens your mind and increases your imagination. One of my favorites is You Are A Badass…it actually motivated me and I didn’t want to put it down.

Listen to a podcast/speech: On my drives to work I typically listen to some sort of podcast or motivational talk. I like Lewis Howes’ podcast as well as Dave Ramsey’s! Otherwise I usually listen to a Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk speech.

Watch a documentary: Learn something new today! I think watching documentaries is quite fun, and I’m always so shocked by them.

Volunteer: In my opinion volunteering opens your eyes (and mind) to the reality of other’s lives. It’s a great way to increase your gratitude and how you feel.

Day 5: Take a look at your finances

How much debt do you really have? Write that down. Do you have a budget? Create one! Do you have an emergency savings? Start a plan of action to save up.

It’s so easy to swipe away and not realize how troubled your finances really are. It’s really important to take a look at where you’re wasting money and get things on track so you don’t have to stress. One of my goals is to be debt free, because can you imagine not having to pay hundreds of dollars toward debt every month? Think of what you could do with that money instead! Check out my monthly reports where I share an update on my debt and my spending each month.

Day 6: Work on your physical health

Today you HAVE TO either workout at the gym, go hiking, go for a jog, take a walk, do yoga, stretch, dance, SOMETHING. Get your body moving and your heart rate up. More than 1/3 of the US is overweight and weight related diseases are killing people left and right. Stop this cycle and take control. It may take some willpower to get going, but eventually you’ll fall in love with the process and with yourself!

Also use today to create either a workout split or an active schedule. I suggest AT LEAST 3 days of exercise per week.

Day 7: Practice some self-care/love

Today you will show yourself some love and care! With our busy lifestyles it’s easy to put yourself last without realizing how much you really need to be selfish sometimes. Something as simple as putting on a face mask while soaking in a warm bath can do the trick! Do something you absolutely love and brings you happiness.

Follow my “Love Yourself” Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration!

If you decide to participate in these activities, be sure to really take your time with them and take them seriously. Change starts with yourself, and every little step counts!

7 days of positive tasks to create a healthy, positive week. From paying attention to what you put in your body to budgeting to showing yourself some love, each aspect plays a very important role in your life! Repeat every single week for the best results! Read more at

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2 thoughts on “7 Days of Positive Tasks For A Healthier, Better You

  1. I’m working on many of these. Diet is a huge one. I’ve always been a “healthy eater” but I have let a lot of bad habits develop since having my daughter. I’m back to reading labels and being strict about what food we buy and what enters our home. I am also trying to walk our dog daily (even though it’s freezing out!!!) to get some Vitamin D and exercise. Great graphic too, I’ll be pinning it.

    Posted on January 3, 2018 at 3:52 pm
    1. Good for you!! I struggle with my diet as well. I love sweets and I crave sweets after lunch and dinner every day! It’s so weird, so I’m trying to avoid sweets completely for January and February.
      It’s been SO cold I can barely stand it, but I’m sure your dog loves it anyway! Thank you for your support 🙂

      Posted on January 4, 2018 at 9:05 pm