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Are you having trouble trying to focus or get work done at your desk? Try revamping and organizing your desk space with these tips, and get inspired and motivated to get productive!

If you are sitting at your desk, it is likely that you are preparing to do school work/business. The environment that surrounds you should not be a distraction, but rather a motivational tool. Before the semester starts or when you have the time, try to revamp your desk space for efficiency!

1. Clean space + Organization

You can’t (comfortably) sit at a desk piled with papers and random office supplies. Take the time to really clean up and organize your desk area. There are many places where you can find nice, affordable organizational containers. This removes a huge distraction from your work place and allows you to concentrate on your work.

2. Enough room

I used to struggle with this for my desk. My room has a random nook in it that perfectly fits a tiny desk. However, when I was studying or doing work I always have many papers and books laid out, plus my laptop. My desk was simply not large enough! I suggest purchasing a large enough desk to spread out whatever you need. Make sure you have enough room to move around with your chair too! I purchased a beautiful desk from Target and I love it!

Desk Blog3. Cute supplies

I am obsessed with office/school supplies. Nowadays, stores such as Target and Wal-Mart sell the cutest supplies in a wide variety of colors and sizes. I prefer cute supplies, because I’m weird and it makes me excited and more motivated to use them, and therefore do work.

4. Your favorite writing utensils

When you’re jotting down notes, you don’t want to use a flimsy pen that writes like sandpaper. Purchase a pack of your favorite pens/pencils, heck get them in all the colors! Throw some Sharpies and highlighters in there too. It’s good to have colors so you can draw attention to specific notes and keep things exciting! My favorite pens are the Bic Cristal Stic Ball Pens, they’re cheap but they write so smoothly.

5. Bulletin board/dry erase board

Next to my desk I have a huge bulletin board where I pin important documents/reminders. Target has a good bulletin board selection, from basic to colorful and wrapped in fabric. A dry erase board is also great for reminders or to-do lists, and you can use all different colored markers!

6. Good lighting

Dim lighting can strain your eyes and cause headaches, if you can place your desk in front of a window, do it! That will give you the best lighting during the day. Again, because I am stuck in my nook I rely on a standing lamp and a desk lamp majority of the time.

7. Comfy chair

Invest in a nice cushioned chair that won’t cause your butt to go numb or leave an ache in your back. I purchased an office chair off Craigslist, but you could even use a tall couch chair! I also always have a blanket/throw over the back of my chair, because I always get chilly!

8. Lip balm and a hairclip

Once you get into your work flow, you do not want to get up and ruin that! Always keep a couple sticks of lip balm in a drawer and a hair clip if you have long hair. When I am on my laptop or studying I always keep my hair clipped back and out of my face.

What helps you focus better at your desk? Let me know in the comments!

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