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My healthy 5 AM working morning routine where I incorporate morning yoga, oil pulling, and learning a different language! Read about it at

Waking up early to go to work isn’t always very pleasant. Which is exactly why I started to implement a morning routine that makes it more tolerable.

I choose to wake up quite early to fit everything in, but it’s definitely worth it and starts my day off on the right foot.

I work a corporate job Monday through Friday, about 7 am to 3 pm. Fortunately, I recently moved a couple of miles from my job. The move has allowed me to sleep a little bit longer, but able to have a longer routine, and still get to work on time.

Even when I lived 23 miles away I had a morning routine. I just had to wake up earlier and shorten it a bit.

I understand that not everyone is in a situation to have their perfect routine, but if you can spare 15 minutes of sleep you can definitely start implementing little things into your morning that make you happy or feel good.

This is my morning routine as of lately:

Wake up at 5 am

Waking up at 5 am sucks. Trust me, almost every morning I want to stay in bed (sometimes I do if I wake up exhausted). However, waking up earlier than I have to actually be up allows me to practice self-discipline first thing in the morning, and I don’t have to rush. I put my phone across the room, and when my alarm goes off I do not hit snooze.

Brush my retainers

I had braces for a couple of years in my early teens and I’ve been wearing my retainers every night since then. I love how straight my teeth are so I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing retainers out of the fear they will misalign again! So, of course I brush them after wearing them.

Drink water

I keep a glass of room temperature water by my phone each day so that I drink it all before I eat. I drink the glass throughout my morning (while I get ready and such) which helps to wake me up as well. I also feel good about getting a glass of water in within the first 30 minutes of my day.

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20 minutes of yoga

Morning yoga has been AMAZING. YouTube has tons of good yoga videos. I prefer to switch between yoga exercises for abs and then for flexibility. It feels amazing to stretch and move my body after sleeping and all of the deep breathing associated with yoga makes me feel really energized. It’s almost like I just drank I cup of coffee. It can also be quite meditative. I’ve realized that I don’t really think about anything that is stressing me, I just focus on the movements, my breath, and how my body feels. I highly, highly recommend it!

The two YouTube channels I use are Yoga with Adriene and PsycheTruth.

Oil pull

Oil pulling is simply swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes, then spitting it out. It’s an Ayurvedic practice that is known to benefit oral health. To be honest I had some tooth sensitivity and pain in one of my teeth, so I’ve been pulling to ease the pain and prevent the possible cavity from getting worse. Of course once I go to my dentist again I’ll get it checked out and fixed if necessary, but this buys me some time. Besides, it whitens my teeth!


I enjoy taking morning showers (I take evening showers as well). It just relaxes me and brings me some peace. I am still oil pulling during my shower!

Put deodorant on and moisturize

I first apply an spf 30 moisturizer to my face and I always use a vanilla or cocoa scented body lotion all over (I like to smell like cake lol). And of course I apply deodorant, lately I’ve been using PiperWei!

Get dressed

I get dressed, but usually at this point I only put on my underwear, bra, and shirt. I usually put on my pants after I finish my hair and make up because I tend to get to hot otherwise! I dress business casual/casual for work. Sometimes I wear jeans, sometimes it’s slacks. I actually have a YouTube video where I filmed my work outfits for the week!

Do my make up and hair

I literally only put a tinyyy bit of concealer on any blemishes and under my eyes and I fill in my eyebrows with brow powder. I don’t like the way face makeup looks/feels on my skin and mascara sometimes makes my eyes itchy. It’s nice to be bare faced. For my hair I typically just straighten it. Once or twice a week I’ll curl it!

Make breakfast

I’ve been making the same breakfast every single morning for months. Quick oats, red delicious apple slices, natural peanut butter, and cinnamon. It’s so comforting to me and I love it so much.

Practice Spanish while I eat breakfast

I then bring my bowl of oatmeal to my desk and practice Spanish using the app DuoLingo. My boyfriend is Colombian and I made it a goal of mine to lean Spanish. Besides that it’s a language I’ve always wanted to learn and I think it can be very beneficial overall.

Take my vitamins

I keep all of my vitamins organized in a weekly case and make sure that I take them everyday. Sometimes I change them up, but as of right now I take Ritual multivitamins, vegan collagen, vitamin C, B-12, and an extra dose of vitamin D on Saturday’s. I have a post on the vitamins and supplements I take as a vegan bodybuilder, but like I said I change them up.

Pack my lunch and coffee

I meal prep every week so packing my lunch usually just involves placing my meal prep container in my lunch box and adding a snack. I don’t make coffee every day, but when I do this is the time that I will prepare it.

Brush and floss my teeth

I then brush and floss my teeth. Pretty self explanatory but I did want to mention that I started using an Oral-B electric toothbrush a couple of months ago and it makes the world of a difference!

Put on my perfume

I use the same perfume/body spray everyday…Rose Jam spray by Lush! It’s my favorite smell.

Make my bed and open my blinds

I head back into my room to make my bed and open my blinds for my plants that sit on my dresser next to my window.

Put on my socks and shoes

The last bit of getting dressed is putting on socks and shoes of course.

Head to work around 6:45 am

I grab my bag, my lunch, my water bottle, my coffee, phone, and keys and head out the door around 6:45 am! My commute now takes about 15 minutes and from there my work day begins!

Of course every morning is a little bit different, but I have been sticking to this for awhile and it’s my favorite routine of my life so far!

The morning yoga makes a world of a difference and learning something (Spanish) has been a nice challenge.

Notice that I don’t include any social media or news in my morning. Seriously, don’t start your day with consuming other people’s lives or drama!

A morning routine is a great way to make every day a little better!

If you would like to watch my routine in action, I filmed it!

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