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OK October was the fastest month yet!

I’m pretty excited for the next couple of months but I can’t lie and say that I feel great about my finances.

Things are good, but could be better. I guess I’m just grateful for what I do have and the direction my life is going. Progress has been slow in a few areas, but all I can do is keep going.

These last 2 months of 2019 are going to be pretty slow in regards to paying off debt.

Unless I can manifest $7,000. 🙂

My big goal for 2019 was to get down to $50,000 in debt which I don’t know will happen.

My emergency fund is gone (because of my root canal), but at least I HAD that money to even pay for it.

There are many things that could happen, so I’m just focusing on keeping a positive money mindset!


Current FICO Score: 710
Current Debt: $58,888.12
Roth IRA Value: $2,543.73


I’ve reached my lowest debt ever

I should be able to say this every month from now on! My debt decreased by over $800 and now this is the lowest amount of debt I’ve had since starting this journey. A lot of angel numbers have been popping up too! Last month it was 777 in the total. This month it ends in 8888! Which apparently represents wealth, abundance, and financial stability.

Wow that’s so cool. You may think that’s a bunch of crap, but I do believe in angel numbers/LOA.

My credit score went back up

I’m not exactly sure why my score went up, but my guess is because I paid off some credit card debt.

My crown cost <$500

Last month I mentioned that I had to get a root canal. I paid a total of $998 for the procedure but still had to go to my regular dentist for the crown. I’m still in the 1 year period for root canals/crowns to be covered by my insurance, so they just had me pay what it would end up costing ($440) and they’re going to submit it to my insurance in December!

Thank goodness. I’m so grateful they did that for me. I was expecting to pay an additional $1K or more so $440 was a nice surprise.


I still haven’t received ANY garnished money

Last month I also talked a bit about garnishing someone’s wages. This whole process began in August and I’ve still received NOTHING. So I’ve paid for 3 months of the car with my own money.

I’ve spoken to the court multiple times but they just take their sweet ass time. I should get the first check very soon (hopefully the first week of November), but it stills doesn’t cover what I’ve already paid.


Savings/Sinking Funds: ($1,733) I’m not including this in my “spending” total because it’s not actually spending. $200 went to my sinking funds which I’m SO GLAD I’m doing. The rest is for my taxes.

Investing: ($100) I automatically invest $100 into my Roth IRA each month.

Donate: ($50) Every month I want to donate at least $50. This month I donated to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Please donate if you can!!

Rent: ($1,316) The cost of my one bedroom one bath apartment near Atlanta, GA!

Renter’s insurance: ($16.66) I am required to have renter’s insurance for my apartment.

Trash: ($35) Valet trash is mandatory at my apartment. Dumb, I know.

Wi-fi: ($50) I have Google Fiber. It is $50 a month.

Electricity: ($58.32) My electricity bill.

Water: ($32.54) My water bill.

Food: ($280.93) Finally, not too bad! And actually over $30 of this was house supplies (toilet paper, wipes, tissues, etc.) not food!

Gas: ($50.93) I got gas twice.

Health: ($1,170.90) This includes my Ritual multivitamins ($32.40). The rest was for my root canal/crown.

Car: ($382.55) My minimum car payment.

Student Loan Debt: ($301.14) This is my new minimum student loan payment. I didn’t put any extra toward my loans since they’re technically on my credit cards now.

Credit Card Debt: ($432.38) I put $410 to my Barclay Apple card (what I used to purchase my iMac). I’ve been having a hard time putting extra to the balance transfers on my credit cards.

Insurance: ($147.15) This includes vision, dental, and life insurance. I have health insurance through work on top of my salary which is really nice.

Business: ($19.99) This includes paying for Tailwind and GSuite. I used other services but pay most of them annually.

Google Play: ($0) I have canceled GP for now because I am using a free trial of Spotify for another 2 months.

Lor (Phone bill/car insurance): ($277) Lor = my sister. She pays my phone bill so I pay her for that. I also pay for my dad and step mom’s phone bills because my dad pays for my car insurance…the costs basically equal out. I pay an extra $50 to help her out with our dogs.

Other: ($263.46) This category basically includes unnecessary spending. 

I bought:
-Natalie Bacon Coaching – $49
-Mario Badescue SPF – $30.49
-Shoes – $70.73
-Insurance Fee – $26 (NOT FOR ME, I will receive this back with garnishment)
-Gift for my sister’s birthday – $44.68 (replenished with sinking fund)
-Parking – $5
-Target (deodorant, 2 shirts) – $28.56
-Content creation course – $9

Excluding my savings and debt I spent a total of $3,768.88.

More 8s!!!

Let’s review my October goals

  • Decrease my debt by at least $800 (post interest) – CHECK
  • Spend less than $300 on groceries, ideally less than $250 – CHECK
  • Spend less than $150 on “unnecessary items” – FAIL
  • Work through Natalie Bacon’s money coaching – Well I attended/watched all live sessions but did not complete the workbook.

November Goals

  • Get my total debt under $58K
  • Spend less than $300 on food

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