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What do you usually do while sitting in the waiting room or during 30 minutes of down time? Scroll through mindless social media? Watch useless television? I've got 14 productive things you can do instead that will benefit you!

This blog post contains affiliate links.
If you follow those links and purchase the product I make a small profit.
Thank you for the support!

You know that awkward free 30 minutes you have between when you are finished getting ready and when you have to leave? You don’t want to quite start a big project or get too “in the zone” so you end up scrolling through mindless social media, right? I’m not going to lie, I used to do this and sometimes still do this ALL the time. For me, I need more than 20-30 minutes to work on a blog post, start a craft, or anything of that nature. I usually have to be in my zone to work on these things and I don’t want anything disrupting my time. So if you’re not really sure of what to do with that time keep reading!!

1. Read – Obvious right? I suggest a paper book rather than online reading just to avoid getting sucked back into Facebook or something. Find a new, exciting book to read. So many benefits to reading!

2. Brainstorm – For whatever it is that you do. For me it would be blog ideas, eBook outlines, post schedules, etc. Definitely have a pen and paper for this! You could even try mind mapping which I think is always fun.

3. Plan meals – It really should only take you about 30 minutes, so just get it out of the way. If you still have extra time then plan for the following week too! If you need some help I have some vegan meal prep ideas for you!

4. Fill out surveys – Paid surveys of course. Swagbacks is the one I’m the most familiar with and they usually take about 15-20 minutes so why not earn some cash in your free time?

5. Meditate – Find a quiet place, sit in silence, and empty your mind of thoughts. You could use an app to help you!

6. Go for a walk – Get your heart rate up and enjoy the outdoors.

7. Stretch – I’m sure this will make you feel refreshed. Focus on tight muscles and carefully hold the stretches for a minute or so!

8. Journal – Maybe you want to write out your feelings, maybe you want to make up a story or jot down your ideal day/life.

9. Research something that interests you – Are you interested in trying out a new supplement or maybe taking on a new hobby? Using good ol’ Google and research it. Maybe you could share what you’ve learned!

10. Tidy up – One of my favorites to do when I only have 10 minutes. You’d be surprised how much cleaning you can accomplish in 30 minutes, especially if you work fast! Break out the vacuum and duster, throw out trash, put things where they belong, and you’ll come back to a tidy room!

11. Take a power nap – Yes this can be productive if you absolutely NEED a nap. If you’re trying to work and your heading is bobbing at the desk, try a power nap. 20-30 minutes and you’ll feel brand new. Trust me, it’s hard to wake up at first, but have some coffee waiting for you and you’ll be awake!

12. Create a budget – Trying to save for a new car or a vacation? Add up all your expenses and figure out how much money you have left over each month to save. It can actually be really fun and exciting!

13. Plan your workout/Schedule it – Figure out which days you’re going to go and what you’ll do each day. If you need some help with workout ideas/schedules check out, it’s really helpful and there are many free plans for you to choose from based on your goals.

14. Respond to e-mails/Clean out inbox – Have you been putting off responding to a client or family member? Just get it out of the way and use whatever free time you have to delete those unread e-mails that are just piling up in your inbox.


What you can do also depends on where you are. You can do all of these things in the comfort of your home, but you can also do many of them sitting in a waiting room or at the airport. If you know you’ll be waiting around for awhile, come prepared with a good book to read or a notebook to jot down ideas!

“Free time is the most expensive time you have, because nobody pays for it but you.”


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