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Hate going to the gym? That's all right! But it's so important to stay physically fit so try these alternatives instead!

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If you’ve ever stepped foot inside this bewildering world of gains, you know it’s far from alluring. And those of us, myself included, whose profession involves going back repeatedly even if I’m not working out myself, tend to notice the little, bothersome things that others miss. As a result, we know your dread. And we feel your pain.

The endless masculine grunts, roars and heavy barbell thumps, the pouting in the mirror, the selfie crew, the mind-numbingly stupid techno music that drones in the background, the bucket-worth of butt sweat on each and every piece of equipment – it’s all off-putting, to say the least. But one must stay healthy, right? So, fear not, my brave gym-haters, there are alternate ways to keep your heartrate up and your muscles strong!

Shake your groove thing

Whether it’s a group class, such as Irish stepdance, contemporary jazz ballet, or pair-based passionate tango, dancing is one hell of a fun and effective way to burn those pounds away into oblivion. A single dance session of these cardio-demanding styles can go up to 400 calories per hour, and the number keeps growing with the level of difficulty.

What’s more, dancing is meditation in motion, and it’s a fabulous way to relax, detox from stress and have a few laughs when you miss a step. If you’re more of a solo enthusiast who’d like to improve your confidence, then you can even try something exotic, like pole dancing – now that’s a full-body workout if I’ve ever seen one. Admittedly, I only ever went to five classes, but I have to say my core had quite a workout.

Kick butt

There’s something primal and liberating in unleashing your inner warrior. Not to mention that it tones your entire body, gives you life-long and life-saving skills, and levels of confidence up the wazoo, but still in the realm of healthy. Martial arts, including your good old karate, taekwondo, or krav maga for the bravest among you, can be a workout of your dreams, and a perfect way to overcome your fears.

You’ll learn self-defense moves you will hopefully never need to use, your cardiovascular endurance will skyrocket, and those love handles will be a thing of the past. Just don’t forget your safety gear, such as your gloves, a mouth guard, and the right shoes.

Home-friendly workouts

Extreme introverts, busy bees and those with insane schedules that include night shifts can always resort to video routines, app-led training systems and a wide variety of home-based workouts that are as powerful as those you’d perform at the gym. Plus, there’s the added benefit of choosing a different activity every time, from mild yoga to hardcore HIIT.

Some of the apps I recommend looking into are Freeletics, Keelo, or even the insanely popular FitBit. There are more and more apps developed every day, and you can easily try a bunch of them, before you find one that will fit your perfectly. Make sure you use it regularly, as it will slowly start to learn more about you, thus becoming better every time.

This way, you will always be able to fit in at least ten minutes of vigorous physical activity, and your routine will be as diverse as humanly possible. Talk about a win-win-win!

When working out at home, make sure you do have some guidance, at least at the very beginning. You should also make it a point to invest in proper gym clothes, because safety first does not apply only to the gym.

Hook up with Momma Nature

It’s relaxing, priceless, rewarding and healing, and it can become your favorite workout zone. Nature is a real playground for outdoor enthusiasts, as you can take your pick from a slew of creative activities depending on the season, as well as your own preference.

Hiking, mountaineering, bicycle riding on different terrains, rock climbing (the indoor version is also available for cold winter months), and swimming or surfing are just some that come to mind. The fresh air will do wonders for your health, while the muscle strain will help you get the figure you want.

Make it your lifestyle

If you think like an athlete, you’ll live like an athlete – or at least that’s my motto. There are endless opportunities throughout the day when you can actually get a decent workout in without interrupting your regular flow. For instance, you can use a standing desk to avoid long hours of sitting, or even upgrade to a treadmill desk and walk while you work.

Walk and talk meetings have been a thing for a while now, and cycling or running to work is also an option, even if it’s just part of the distance. Jog when your pooch needs a poo break, and whip out your jump rope or hula hoop during the commercial break. Use your imagination, and the sky’s the limit!

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2 thoughts on “Why It’s All Right To Hate The Gym

  1. I love this! I actually exercise with YouTube – I search for beginner dancing videos (hip hop, kickboxing, etc.) and do that for 15-20 minutes and then I do a cooldown 10 minute video. It’s free and FUN, which is key to getting me to stick with it 🙂

    Posted on December 5, 2017 at 9:33 pm
    1. That’s great! I used to use YouTube as well!! Check out this guy –>
      He has some awesome workouts and takes you through the whole thing!

      Posted on December 7, 2017 at 6:34 pm