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The first thing that stood out to me about Ritual was their simple, yet beautiful website. Everything is clean, easy to navigate/understand, and aesthetically pleasing. I was also interested in the brand because it was created by a woman (Kat Schneider) for women, they’re transparent about what they put into the vitamin, and it’s vegan!

It’s pretty amazing to see how much the company has grown. They are very innovative and I love that they’re not afraid to try new things/change things up. For example, the vitamins used to come in a cute white and yellow cardboard box, filled with stickers and other paper booklets and such. They realized how wasteful this was and eventually started using a smaller package and removed the stickers/papers (I never used the stickers to be honest anyway. If you keep reading you’ll see some other changes they implemented regarding the taste of the vitamins.

Anyway, I started taking these vitamins in June and I haven’t stopped!

What the company claims Ritual does:

  • Promotes joy
  • Boosts energy
  • Age-defying
  • Perfects skin
  • Only what you need

My Review:

1. I think the vitamins are so cool. Definitely the coolest looking pills I’ve ever seen.

2. My biggest complaint initially was the taste of the pills, however, they have fixed this!

Before, it was like swallowing seaweed. No matter how I would try to avoid tasting it, I always would. Then later on in the day if I burped it would taste like seaweed…ew. This is because the source of omega-3 comes from algal oil.

But THEN they started inserting a peppermint tab in the bottle. Which would infuse the pills with the smell and taste of mint. This made the seaweed taste completely disappear and I don’t have any gross after taste now!

3. Am I super energized? Super joyful? Glowing and acne free?

I’ve never been one to see any significant change from vitamins, supplements, or anything of that sort. Some people swear they’re more energized when they take b-12 drops for example, I don’t feel any different from them. Same goes for vitamin D. Coffee doesn’t even energize me!!

The company does state this in their FAQ though, that some people may not feel any different, but “it’s what’s happening inside your body that counts,” which I definitely agree with.

My skin has cleared up a good bit over the last few of months, however, that may have been a result of multiple things so I’m not entirely sure! The pictures below share my before and afters!

Left: July of 2017 (post-shower) Middle: December 2017 (no makeup) Right: February 2018 (with makeup)

The biggest improvement

My vitamin D levels!!! I’ve been severely deficient in vitamin D for years. I was prescribed 50,000 IU of Vitamin D for several months on and off, but even with taking such a high amount my levels were still low. I’ve also always consistently taken a multi-vitamin with Vitamin D in it for years, I used to take vegan gummy multi-vitamins until I started on Ritual.

At my most recent gyno appointment (February 6th, 2018), they checked my Vitamin D levels and I am at 29 ng/mL!! That’s only 1 ng/mL away from “sufficient!” I wish I had proof but my levels used to be in the teens! This is the only multi-vitamin that has been able to increase and maintain my Vitamin D!

In case you didn’t know, Vitamin D is a very important thing to have in your body. Most importantly, it keeps your bones strong (ultimately preventing osteoporosis), it improves the function of your immune system, boosts mood/decreases depression, and a number of other benefits.

Overall, I obviously highly recommend these vitamins. If you scroll through their Instagram you’ll see the comments of tons of satisfied women. If you reach out to the company they’ll respond and they listen to their customers! Recently, I saw a comment regarding recycling their bottles. The customer suggested that we should be able to send back the bottle to be re-used. Ritual responded by saying they’ll discuss it with the team. A change I do hope they implement in the future!

Check out this awesome video about Ritual’s story:

If you try them out for 30 days and don’t like them, they’ll refund you! So you might as well give them a shot!

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