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Things I want to do more (or less) of in 2019: Health Edition. Little goals and habits I want to focus on this year!

Going into 2019, I really only have ONE major goal…to increase my income (mostly via my online businesses). However, I have several intentions/resolutions/habits I would like to work on.

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of improving by 1% daily. I broke down these little intentions of mine by category: personal development, health/fitness, finances, and side hustles. These areas of my life are my main priorities in life right now. Of course I could set some serious goals in each of these areas, however, I really just want to work on the following things without stressing about it.

Throughout the year I want to ask myself, “What can I do today to improve myself by 1% more than yesterday [in health, personal finances, etc.]?” And then I can refer to these lists to see what I can do to get better.

This list shares what I want to do more (or less) of for my health, but be sure to also check out what I want to do for my finances and personal development!

More hiking

Nature is good for the soul and I simply don’t get enough of it! I want to go on at least 1 hike each month!

More taking walks

I have a FitBit so I know that most days I don’t hit the recommended 10K steps. I workout 6x a week, but sitting down most of the day can take away from that. I’m not committing to it yet, but I would like to start taking 15-20 minute walks during my lunch breaks. Honestly it’s the weather that’s making me hesitant. I hate the cold, it rains so much in GA, and in the summer it’s scorching hot/humid and I’ll be sweating like crazy. We’ll see though. At the very least I could get up every hour and walk the hallway or something.

More baths

I love baths and they’re great for your muscles. At the time of me writing this I can’t remember the last time I took a bath, it’s been months. I’m going to aim for taking a bath at least once a month!

More drinking water

There was a time in my life where I drank a gallon of water every single day for over 6 months. Now I definitely don’t. Obviously water is super important, but I need to prioritize drinking it more. I’ve already started making the habit of drink 16 oz. of room temperature water first thing in the morning! I put my bottle on my bathroom counter and drink half right when I wake up, take a shower, and drink the rest while I get ready. It’s helped my energy levels and digestion a ton!

More stretching

In the past I never used to warm up or stretch properly before working out. In 2018 I definitely improved on that and make sure I take time to warm up my muscles, stretch, and foam roll. I want to continue that into 2019, but also spend more time deep stretching all parts of my body. I really want to increase my flexibility!

Improved/more sleep

Oh sleep, how I wish I didn’t struggle with you. Honestly I’m not sure how to take control of this. Even if I take a sleep aid I wake up several times throughout the night. I do really want to sleep more and better so the least I can do is: drink more water, wear my blue light blocking glasses when I work before bed, no scrolling through social media in bed, and read, journal, and meditate before bed.

Less sugar

I love sweets. Ugh I wish I didn’t. I crave them daily and it’s become a problem. I don’t usually cave into my cravings, however if you hand me a plate of vegan cookies I’ll eat them all if I can. I definitely want to plan my “sweet cheats” rather than spontaneously baking a batch of cookies and eating them all in 2 days. One small step I’m going to start is replacing my coffee almond milk creamer with a no sugar added creamer. That saves me like 10 g of sugar a day, 300 g of sugar a month, and 8 pounds a year!!

Less weighing myself

I weigh myself just about everyday. Over the summer when I was trying to lean out, this habit put me in such a bad mental state. I would get so frustrated and want to cry some days. My weight doesn’t bother me, but there’s no need to check it everyday. Going forward I only want to weigh myself every week or 2 weeks.

Shorter showers

I recently read an article about how we shower too much. While I think it’s absolutely disgusting to skip a day of showering, I’ve realized I should probably shorten my showers AND lower the temp. I shower every morning and night and I like my showers hot. I only wash my hair twice a week, but I know my hot, long shower habit can strip my skin of essential oils. In the morning I want to reduce my shower time to about 5 minutes (I’ll have to set my alarm). In the evening I’m going to aim for 10 minutes.


Don’t forget to check out what I want to do for my finances and personal development this year as well! What do you want to do to improve your health and fitness??

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