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Do you have a Christmas party coming up? Finding gifts for both ladies and gentlemen can be difficult, especially within a reasonable price range! If you need some ideas, I have 15+ ideas all under $20!

Happy Blogcember Day 3! I was inspired to write this blog post today because my job is having our annual Christmas party later this evening! Last year we did the White Elephant gifts, and we’re doing it again this year! The difficult part about finding a white elephant gift is finding one that is suitable for both men and women, especially within a decent price range. I always like to purchase something that can be useful, because honestly who wants a dancing naked elf? (unless it’s meant to be a gag gift party) At my job, the gift maximum is $20, which I assume is the usual for many work places…so all of the gifts here can be found for $20 or less!!!


1. Bluetooth speaker

2. Headphones

3. Blender

4. Board/Card game

5. Camera lens for phone

6. Essential oil diffuser

7. Throw blanket

8. Water bottle

9. Thermal mug

10. Portable charger

11. Mug warmer

12. Waffle Maker

13. Himalayan Salt Lamp

14. French Press

15. Indoor Grill/Panini Press

Do you have any more gift ideas? Did this list help you? Let me know in the comments!

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