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Food and drinks can be sneaky these may be consuming excess sugar, preservatives, and other unhealthy additives without even realizing it! See if these foods are in your diet and if you can find a healthy alternative to start seeing more results!

Have you been trying to eat healthy and lose weight, but nothing seems to be working?? You may be consuming the following list of foods/drinks too often! Sometimes just a simple adjustment to your diet can make a huge difference, so keep reading to get back to seeing results and start making some healthier decisions!

1. Your morning cup of coffee

Or the multiple cups you may be guzzling throughout your day… It’s one thing if you’re drinking black coffee, but many people add sugar and creamer! Have you read the nutrition label on that creamer lately? It’s probably loaded with sugar and you’re probably using more than the recommended 2 tbsp. Even if it’s sugar free, there are probably tons of artificial sweeteners added.

Instead, try using a splash of almond milk or coconut milk. There are also almond milk and coconut milk creamers, both are great vegan options so you can avoid any adverse effects from dairy!! My favorite is the caramel flavor from Silk!

2. Salad dressing

I don’t know many people that eat a what-would-be healthy salad without adding dressing. Did you know that some of the highest calorie meals at multiple restaurants are their salads?? Check out The Cheesecake Factory or IHOP’s nutrition info if you don’t believe me! Most salad dressings are loaded with calories, fat, sodium, and sugar.

There are healthier salad dressing options, many which offer “low fat” or “lite” alternatives, Walden Farms even offers over a dozen dressing flavors with 0 everything! Just be careful with those, if something is low on something or everything, usually they’re adding artificial ingredients. I suggest simple olive oil and vinegar! Or you can find some delicious, healthy dressing recipes to make yourself!

3. Bread

Who doesn’t love bread? I know I do! Dinner rolls, french bread, sandwich bread, garlic bread, bagels, yum! However, The problem with bread is that it lacks many nutrients, therefore the less full you feel and the more you can eat. Bread often also contains a lot of sugar, salt, and additives. However, if you’re a bread lover like me you will never give it up!

Moderation is definitely key, a couple slices of toast a day won’t kill you. Look for bread with minimal ingredients and low sugar content. Pasta would also be included in this category, I suggest Tolerant pasta which is literally ONE ingredient and packed with protein!

4. Juice

Juices sold by Tropicana and other similar brands typically include lots of sugar, preservatives, and other added ingredients. However, those “healthy” juices can be a problem too! I still drink them from time to time (the ones labeled no sugar added), but a small bottle of fruit juice usually contains over 50 grams of natural sugar. That is simply too much for our body, it’s going to instantly spike your insulin levels because it’s in liquid form.

I don’t recommend juice on a daily basis, if you must, definitely find something you enjoy with no sugar added and minimal ingredients. Or maybe try infusing some water with fruit for some added flavor!

5. Alcohol

Alcohol doesn’t even list nutrition facts on the bottles! Beer is loaded with carbs and fruity drinks are filled with sugar. Both contain lots of calories too! It’s simple, if you want a thin/shapely waist you can’t be drinking frequently. I personally don’t like to drink my calories, it’s such a waste. Sugary alcoholic beverages typically contain hundreds of calories, and most people drink multiple in one night.

Of course, moderation is important. I personally don’t drink at all, for multiple reasons. There are usually low calorie options and you can find many with a simple Google search!

6. Ketchup/Other Condiments

I could put ketchup on almost everything! Unfortunately, it’s really high in calories and sugar. I’ve yet to find a ‘zero-sugar added’ ketchup. Mayonnaise might be the worst though, with super high calorie and fat content! Mustard is honestly not that bad! The serving size is usually quite small as well (2 tbsp or less), I know I always go way over that amount with ketchup!

I always purchase the reduced sugar ketchup, it tastes exactly the same to me. I don’t use mayo often, but I buy Hampton Creeks vegan mayo which is healthier in general. For these and other condiments, be sure to check the serving size and try to stay under that!

7. Too many fruits

Similar to the natural fruit juice I mentioned earlier, fruits naturally contain a lot of sugar. Of course natural sugar is better than artificial/added sugar, but it can still negatively impact your body. Excess blood sugar will be stored as fat in your body, which you want to avoid.

Limit your fruit intake to about 2-4 servings per day. Also, many fruits such as blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, and grapefruit are low in sugar content. These typically offer more benefit too, like antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. Bananas, mangoes, and grapes on the other hand contain a lot more sugar…3 of the best fruits (imo) unfortunately. Just mix and match to stay balanced!

8. Yogurt

Yogurt is often seen as a health food. I used to think that as well, before I went vegan. Besides the fact that it comes from another species milk, the most consumed yogurt products contain lots of added sugar and other additives.

There are reduced fat/low sugar options, but I just don’t believe yogurt is as beneficial as everyone thinks. There are many vegan options (however still high in sugar) that are a lot creamier and taste SO good.

9. “Health” Bars

Granola bars, breakfast bars, and protein bars sure are enticing. Brands advertise ‘high protein,’ ‘high fiber,’ ‘all natural,’ etc. yet they fill their bars with sugar, preservatives, and other unnecessary ingredients. Look at the ingredient of a common nutrition/granola bar next time and see how many words are listed that you can’t pronounce. They may taste great, but they’re really just a hidden candy bar!

Sprouts and Whole Foods offer many more bars with no sugar added/less ingredients. However, a lot of them still aren’t the best option. Try finding something with minimal ingredients, low added sugar, and high protein…it can be quite difficult. I suggest making your own bars from home! You can add whatever you want and it’ll save you money too.

Hopefully this list was helpful to you and you can find some great alternatives! Let me know if you switched anything up and what you think of it!

Food and drinks can be sneaky these may be consuming excess sugar, preservatives, and other unhealthy additives without even realizing it! See if these foods are in your diet and if you can find a healthy alternative to start seeing more results!

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2 thoughts on “9 Foods That May Be Sabotaging Your Diet

  1. Great read! I was so shocked when I finally started paying attention to the nutritional value of “health” bars.. that opened my eyes to how ‘healthy foods’ are promoted in general! And how good is coconut yoghurt 🙂

    Posted on September 11, 2017 at 8:38 am
    1. I’m so sorry I am just now seeing your comment! Yes, once you start paying attention to nutrition labels everything changes! Coconut yogurt and almond yogurt are the best…yum

      Posted on October 8, 2017 at 12:12 am