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An average week in my life: Balancing a full-time job, side hustles, and my health.
Plus a few tips for how to prioritize important things in your life.

I know this type of post isn’t what you’re used to seeing on a blog. These are usually saved for YouTube videos.

I actually vlog many days/weeks in my life, which you can check out on my YouTube channel!

I wanted to create this post just to give some insight into how I’ve learned to balance my priorities the best that I can.

I also wanted to share how you can prioritize the important things in your life.

Obviously every week looks a little bit different.

I also go through different phases throughout the year/in my life, therefore, my routines change from time to time.

So let’s just cover the basics first.

Monday through Friday I work my full-time corporate job as a microbiologist.

I typically wake up at 5 or 5:30, depending on the season in my life.

For example, a few weeks ago I shared my morning routine which included morning yoga among other things. However, for the last couple of weeks I have been waking up at 5, quickly getting ready, and writing for the course I am creating for 45 minutes to an hour.

Of all my routines, my morning routines change most often.

I leave my apartment around 6:45 am and get to work around 7.

I moved less than 3 miles from my job and it has been life changing.

I work from about 7 am until 3 pm. On my lunch break at work I usually take a 15-20 minute walk. Sometimes I end up reading or writing.

When I get home I eat a pre-workout snack while I relax and watch a couple of YouTube videos.

I change into my gym clothes and then head to the gym.

This is where things start changing a bit depending on the day.


Monday is leg day at the gym, more specifically quad day.

I also usually have a group coaching call with Natalie Bacon at 5 or 6 pm. So I try to be showered and dressed by then. The coaching call is an hour long so I eat during this time as well.

After the call I dedicate my time to YouTube work! I publish my latest video, edit my recently filmed video, design/upload a thumbnail, write a description, and add relevant tags. I can usually finish editing a whole video in this time.


Tuesday I train chest and triceps. Sometimes I’ll add some cardio and/or abs too.

After my shower I eat dinner and watch a YouTube video. I usually dedicate the final couple hours of my night to writing my blog post for the week. Tuesdays are also when my e-mails are sent out to my subscribers, so I check my stats for that too.


Wednesday is back and bicep day which has become my new favorite.

Natalie Bacon also usually goes live Wednesday evenings as well, so I try to be showered and dressed by then. And again I eat my dinner during that.

After the coaching call I usually write more for my blog post.

Some people suggest not to spend too much time writing content, but that’s not how things work for me. One blog post usually takes me several hours (over a couple of days).


On Thursdays I train legs again, but this time hamstrings and glutes.

Shower. Eat. YouTube video.

Thursdays are for course creation (as of lately). My course creation process is planned to be about 4 months long, so each month will look a bit different depending what I need to do.


Fridays I train shoulders, abs, and do cardio.

By Friday I am usually exhausted from the whole week. Sometimes I don’t do any online work, especially if my boyfriend ends up coming over.

Because of this I usually just plan little things. I’ll completely finish up my blog post (add links, design pin images, shrink images, write descriptions, SEO work, featured image, etc.). Sometimes I’ll get around to writing for my course or getting other relevant work done.


Saturdays are usually up in the air. However, I always go grocery shopping Saturday morning, usually well before 9 am.

Most Saturdays I workout, sometimes I don’t. I usually work out a body part I may have skipped in the week (if I did) or I just do abs and cardio.

If I get any work done it’s only for a couple of hours because I like to spend time with my boyfriend and family on the weekend. I’ll write, plan, schedule things, film, whatever.


Sunday is for getting things together for the week.

In the morning I publish my blog post for the week and pin it on Pinterest.

I’m usually with my boyfriend on Sunday mornings so we love sipping on coffee together and eating breakfast.

I meal prep EVERY Sunday, clean my apartment, and do laundry.

I write my e-mail for my subscribers and schedule it for Tuesday. I also usually start editing a video or at least export any necessary files.

I spend a good bit of time planning my week out Sunday evening, but I want to get even more detailed with it.

And now that I have a Patreon, I go live at 7 pm.

Finally, a Sunday isn’t a Sunday without some relaxation/self-care. I spend time watching YouTube videos, reading, journaling, or whatever my soul desires.


Most evenings I stop working around 9 pm. I do the dishes from the day, brush my teeth, and get in bed.

I fill out my 6-minute diary and read until I feel sleepy.

I keep my phone charging across the room and it enters ‘Do not disturb’ mode at 9:45 pm. I am usually asleep by that point!

Some of you may read this and think my life is very boring and too structured. However, I choose to do these things. The things I do on a day-to-day basis are my priorities.

I want to be healthy and strong, so I choose to workout regularly and meal prep every week.

I want to be my own boss within the next few years, so I choose to dedicate the rest of my free time to my online businesses.

I don’t know what I would fill my time with otherwise.

Watching TV bores me. I don’t want to go out. And relaxing/laying around makes me feel irritated.

I function the best this way.

I know all that I do will pay off even more so as well.

How to prioritize the important things in your life

Balance in all areas of life is not possible. However, I have learned how to balance my priorities.

It may feel like everything is a priority, but that’s not true.

You’ll find more success within your priorities if you focus in on them.

Be aware of what you want in life

Self-awareness is key to prioritizing things in life.

If you have a job and other major responsibilities, those of course are prioritized first. Simply because that is how you are supported financially and if you don’t go/don’t do them there are major consequences.

Outside of that, what is most important to you?

Your health? Friends? Your pets? Your side hustle? Your relationship? Your spirituality?

Each area of your life is going to have a different level of importance to you and you need to determine those levels.

You can then create a bit of balance around those areas and eliminate or reduce the rest.

For example, my major priorities are my online businesses, my health, my relationship, and my personal development.

Therefore, I don’t really socialize/hang out with friends and I don’t prioritize meditation or other spiritual practices often.

The current season I am in in my life doesn’t include that right now. Sometimes I meditate or hang out with people, but it’s not a priority. That doesn’t mean I always want it to be that way.

When I take my online businesses full-time, I will be in a different season and I can adjust my priorities because of that.

Your current season will depict your current priorities. They may change and that’s OK.

If you try to prioritize EVERYTHING you’ll fail. It’s simply not possible. You can definitely get better at managing more things, but you can’t do it all.

Plan and create a schedule

I plan my year, each month, each week, and just about every day.

If you don’t create a clear plan you won’t create structure in your life.

Scheduling each of your priorities into your day or week is exactly how you stay on top of them.

You can set all the goals you want, try manifesting all you want, or set all these priorities, but if you don’t follow through then you won’t get anywhere.

Treat those priorities just like your job or just like your school work. You have to be at work at a certain time and finish certain tasks by a deadline. And you always do that right? Otherwise you may lose your job or fail the class.

Be loyal to your schedule and actually follow through.

Check it every morning and try your best to stick to it.

This will mean you’ll have to say no to people or other things, but that shouldn’t matter.

A major key to following through with your plans is to make sure you’ll actually commit to it. You know yourself and your habits. Don’t plan to workout for an hour everyday if you struggle to even change into workout clothes. Instead start small and make it so easy that you know you’ll do it.

Manage your time

There is only so much time in the day, so if you’re not properly managing your time it will slip right through your fingers.

So many people think there is not enough time in the day but that’s not true. Have you ever paid attention to where your time is actually going?

We are surrounded by distractions these days and it’s very easy to fall prey to them without even noticing.

If you’re not intentionally making time in your schedule for any one of your priorities, then it’s either not a priority to you, you’re not self-disciplined, or you’re going about it the wrong way.

Time management takes A LOT of practice.

Just don’t make excuses for yourself. Accept that you may not manage your time well and work on getting better.

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Evaluate regularly

Along with planning, evaluation should be a normal part of your weekly or monthly routine.

As I mentioned above, you’re going to go through different seasons in your life.

If something no longer fits into your lifestyle anymore, you’re going to struggle to prioritize it.

When you evaluate what you’re doing regularly, then you can determine what needs to change in your schedule, if anything.

You also will realize you need to evaluate how long you actually spend time on something.

For example, if you decide to schedule only 1 hour to write a blog post but it actually takes you 4 hours, then you need to adjust your schedule!

This helps you become more aware of yourself and will only help you.

Learning how to juggle your priorities will make a huge difference in your life. It becomes almost like a game and it kind of makes life fun to balance so many important things.

Life is short and I think it’s important to do the things that make you happiest and help you to live a more fulfilling life.

What are your priorities?

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2 thoughts on “An Average Week in My Life: Balancing a full-time job, side hustles, and my health + How to Prioritize Important Things

  1. I look so forward for your newsletter every week. It’s literally a priority of mine to read your blogs now. Absolutely love how refreshing you content it is. The main thing I get from you “put the work in now and you’ll be rewarded future years to come” and you have challenged me be a better version of myself everyday, even though I mess up AT LEAST once a week. But, its okay because like you said it takes practice. THANK YOU!

    Posted on September 25, 2019 at 4:11 pm
    1. Thank you so much Amanda that means the world to me! I still mess up too but exactly, with practice you get better with getting back on track!
      Thank you again 😊❤🙏

      Posted on September 26, 2019 at 12:30 am