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We are currently living during a unique time.
The world is filled with chaos and uncertainty and many people are stuck at home.
This can lead to stress, anxiety, and unhealthy choices. This post is filled with ideas on what to do during this time. Most importantly, stay healthy and stay safe!

These are truly unique times and this is new for most of us.

Life is changing drastically as we know it and this is history in the making.

Many people are being laid off, working from home, taking online classes and/or just having to stay home.

If you’re looking for information regarding how to handle your finances right now, check out this post.

Otherwise, this post is for those of you struggling to be stuck at home.

I hope you are all being safe. We’ll get through this!

Get some rest

If you’re typically working, you probably wake up early and don’t get as much sleep as you should.

Use this time to get some quality sleep by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, but ensure it’s long enough.

Stick with routines

When you don’t have to go to work and with everything basically shut down, it’s easy to let go of your routines.

Recognize that right now your routines may not be the same but you can create new ones that work with your reality.

This also gives you a chance to implement routines if you didn’t have the time to before.

Wake up at a decent time, follow a lovely morning routine, and make your bed.

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Create a schedule/to-do list to follow for your work or other things to do throughout the day.

Try to stick with afternoon and evening routines as well that help you stay on track.

Still get ready in the morning

Whether you’re working from home or have absolutely nothing to do, still take the time to get ready in the morning.

Otherwise, you are going to make it difficult to get the day going or start to feel even worse.

Brush your teeth, take a shower, put on fresh clothes (can still be comfy but don’t leave your PJs on), style your hair, and even put on a bit of makeup if you please.

This will help you get into “do” mode.

Stay productive

You’re going to get bored. You may feel like you’re going crazy. That is normal when your normal life is disrupted.

Instead of wasting time on social media and Netflix for hours and hours each day, stay productive.

Create a schedule

If you’re not used to working from home then it can be really challenging to get things done. And if you’re not even working at all it can be tempting to just lounge around.

Create a schedule and write it down. Make it really detailed and plan out EXACTLY what you want to accomplish for the day.

Make a to-do list

Now is the time to get things done that you may have been putting off for a while.

Your list will probably include a few of the same things each day, but be sure to incorporate things you don’t usually have time for.


This will be a true challenge to your willpower and discipline. It’s already easy to get distracted and with everything going on it’s even more tempting to give in to those distractions.

Put your phone away, limit distractions on your computer, and fight the temptation.

Create a vibe

Create a positive vibe in your home. This will look different for everyone but it can make a huge difference in your mental state.


Coffee makes my soul smile. Prepare a luxurious cup of coffee by frothing your creamer and sprinkling some cinnamon on top.

Fill your home with the aroma of coffee goodness and make it feel like you’re at a coffee shop. Enjoy and indulge in it.


Open your blinds/curtain and turn on lamps around you.

Maybe you can turn on some fairy lights or light a candle to make it even more comforting.

My living room with cozy lights 🙂

Keep your space clutter-free and inspiring

Paper and clutter around you can be distracting and hectic. Make space at your desk and keep your entire environment inviting.

Stay healthy

I emphasized the importance of health in my post, Why Your Health Should Be a Priority and How to Make It One. I highly suggest you read it!

When you’re stuck home all day it can be really unmotivating and unhealthy. Less movement, eating more food, less sunshine, less socializing, etc.

Eat healthy foods

Don’t use this as an excuse to constantly eat or to eat bad food. I encourage you to meal prep and to consume whole foods.

Increase your uptake of fruits and veggies to keep your immune system up.

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Your gym is probably closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in a good workout session at home. There are millions of YouTube videos with at home, no equipment workouts.

You can take walks or go for jogs outside.

Definitely be sure to get in more movement at this time because otherwise, you will be sitting way too much. It’s also a good idea to stand up and walk around a bit every hour or so.

Go outside

Even areas in lockdown are allowed to go outside. You’re less likely to come across anything in nature and the outdoors will do your body good.

Staying inside too much has an impact on you mentally and physically. Getting outside for a bit can ease anxiety, support your immune system, and increase your energy levels.

Hiking, walking, jogging, or just exercising outside are some of the best “social distancing” activities.

Keep your energy up

What I mean by this is keep your “vibe” up.

A lot of people are affected by this situation and it can really take a toll on your mental health. It’s important to prioritize your high vibe practices.

Don’t consume too much news

It’s important to stay informed throughout this, but don’t let it consume you.

There is A LOT of information out there that can cause stress, panic, and anxiety. Limit how much time you are spending watching or reading all of it.


Meditation is so powerful during times like this. You can take the time to observe your thoughts and really work through them.

Meditating will help to keep you grounded and calm.


Write down how you are feeling, your goals, your dreams, things you are grateful for, or just document your day.

Journaling is another great way to get you through any of this stress. The best thing about it is you can write whatever you want to. Allow your brain to flow onto paper and release any feeling.

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Get off social media

With fewer things to do you’re probably spending even more time on social media. This is a huge waste of time and the bulk of it is basically the news or negative memes.

Limit how much time you’re spending on it each day because it won’t really serve you anyway.

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Thought work

Your mindset is important during this crisis. YOU choose how to think and react to it all.

No matter what you think, it’s still happening. Ask yourself if it’s worth it for you to feel angry or stressed?

Do you want to feel that way?

You have control of your thoughts and that’s pretty powerful. You can turn this into a moment of opportunity.

Take advantage of this time

Please do not waste your days away!

I know it may be hard to get motivated right now but take advantage of this rare time.

It’s not very likely that you will have all this time off ever again. Whether you’re getting paid or not, you can find something useful to do.

Start an online business

Now more than ever I am feeling so grateful to have multiple streams of income. Starting an online business is VERY affordable.

The easiest and most affordable options at this time are to start a blog, start a YouTube channel, grow your Instagram, or learn to become a virtual assistant.

Start writing blog posts and developing a business plan (a course to create, a product, a service to offer, etc.).

Start filming and editing videos and get them uploaded. You can use your phone to film. Film vlogs, make cooking/baking videos, film your art, make advice videos, train your dog, film your video games, teach people something, the options are endless.

Set goals and create a plan of action

This time is tough but only temporary. Set some exciting goals and get serious about them. Create a detailed plan of action containing what you need to do and with timelines.

This can be really motivating and exciting.

Create a financial plan

If anything I’m sure LOTS of people are finally realizing the importance of an emergency fund.

With this time, go back the last few months and track ALL of your spending. Break it down into categories and determine where you need to make changes.

Add up all of your debt and organize the details. Make a plan for paying it off and saving money.

This is also your opportunity to figure out what your money goals are for the future. With this crisis, you may realize you NEVER want to struggle with finances again.

Check out my personal finance YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe!

Learn something

There are tons of free courses, videos, and articles out there for you to learn from. Treat it like a class and take it seriously. Take notes while you learn and appreciate this new knowledge.

You could even learn a new language!

Deep clean your home

This is the perfect time to declutter and clean out every corner of your home.

Figure out which things you want to sell, donate, or trash. Dust all surfaces and clean like you’ve never cleaned before

Personal development

Read some personal development books or articles. I have tons of personal development articles for you to read. You could even listen to audiobooks while cleaning, cooking or exercising.

If you’re interested in developing your self-discipline, check out my Complete Guide to Self-Discipline. Use code LLL20 to save 20% for a limited time!

This is also a great time to work with a life coach. Coaches help TREMENDOUSLY during rough times like this.

As I mentioned above you can meditate, journal, work on your mindset, write gratitude lists, limit social media, etc.

Get creative

Even if you don’t think you’re a creative person you can express yourself in many ways.

Paint or draw
Work on some puzzles
Play an instrument
Start a garden
Create a vision board
Bake or cook
Reorganize your home
Do makeup
Create music playlists

NOW is the time to do all the things you wish you had the time for before.

If you feel alone

I know many people are isolated completely alone. It can be depressing because humans prefer other human connection.

It’s OK to be alone and it’s really not so bad. I love having the time to work on myself and my things.

Facetime/video chat with friends/family

Since we should be “social distancing,” take advantage of all this technology. Connect over video or phone calls.

It’s important to still be socializing with people.

Go out in nature with a couple of people

If you really need some social interaction, nature is probably the safest. Be sure to avoid touching things/each other though.

Play games

If you’re stuck inside with someone of course you could play some board games or video games together.

Otherwise, play online games against your friends/family.

This is new for ALL of us.

Uncertainty is at an all-time high but it’s important to stay positive, to stay healthy, and to stay safe.

This is only temporary and things will eventually start returning to normal (or a new normal).

You will get through this.

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