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It's important for you to love yourself and feel confident. Take the time to appreciate, love, and care for yourself especially when you're putting yourself down.

Whether you’re feeling down on yourself physically or emotionally, it will start to take a toll on you. You do not want to feel negative about yourself, because you are stuck with yourself 24/7. Putting yourself down will get you nowhere…productivity, accomplishments, and positive energy are sure to benefit you in more ways than one!

1. Workout

This is the first thing I do if I’m feeling down. Take all your frustrations and doubts and turn them into a kickass workout. Stay at the gym for hours if you need to. You’ll come out feeling energized, closer to your goals, and feeling like you accomplished something.

2. Finish something

Maybe you started a painting, a project, or a blog post, whatever it is, finish it! Again, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, and who knows maybe this will inspire you to do more!

3. Style your hair

Take some time to do what makes you feel good. Curl your hair, put some makeup on, and get dressed up! If you don’t want to do that try taking a bubble bath, shaving your legs, and putting a face mask on. This allows you to relax and feel pampered and pretty!

4. Read a self-improvement book

There are so many good options that can help you specifically with what you’re struggling with. If you don’t have any books, go to your local library or try a free-trial of some sort of online reading site. Self-improvement books are going to have all sorts of ideas and inspirations to get you out of the slumps.

5. Volunteer

Go out and do good deeds for your community. Check out for local volunteer opportunities. Or you could go buy a homeless person a meal or pick up trash in your neighborhood. You could even just donate some money to your favorite charity. Knowing that you’re helping the society will boost your mood!

6. Compliment others

Compliments help people a lot more than you think, and could even save a life. Complimenting someone else will make them smile and feel good about themselves, hopefully causing you to feel good too.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others

This is a difficult habit to break. However, if someone has what you want, work for it! There is always going to be someone better looking that has more things, but we’re all different and live different lives. Chances are the girl that you envy with the perfect abs has her own insecurities and weaknesses. You’re not alone. Many people who seem to have it all, have worked hard to get where they are. Use any opportunity that you can to achieve what you truly want in life. Use those individuals as motivation and appreciate their hard work, but do not hate someone just because you envy their accomplishments.

8. Meditate

Turn on some relaxing meditation music and think about why you are feeling what you are feeling. Think about all the good things in your life and self. Breathe deeply and believe in yourself!

9. Do something you’re good at

I’m sure there is something, anything you are good at. Even if it’s cleaning the house, just do it. If you can’t think of anything, try some personal exploration and see what you come up with.

10. Learn something new

Did you know that shy dogs gain confidence with each trick they learn? This can apply to humans as well. Do some research on whatever you’re interested in, take notes, and see how you can do more. You could watch a documentary that may inspire you to make a difference. Purchase an ebook that tells you the ins and outs of html coding. Learning is limitless! Never stop learning, this allows you to grow as a person, and benefit you in so many ways!

Loving and feeling good about yourself takes time, however, it’s something that is really important. Work towards it everyday and eventually it will become a lifestyle!

What makes you happy and feel good?

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