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How to Make an Unproductive Day, Productive -- Turn an unproductive day in the other direction, try these small things to feel more accomplished about your day!

It’s 6 pm and you’ve been in bed all day watching Netflix, barely getting up to use the restroom and grab some snacks. You haven’t done anything productive and you start to feel guilty.

Is it too late to make the most of the rest of the day? Think again.

When I have a productive day, it makes me feel good and it makes my life easier. If I slack off, I start to get behind on projects and my to-d0 list.

Try doing some of these to turn your day around and feel more productive.

Write a to-do list for tomorrow

Write a long (but achievable) to-do list for the next day to ensure productivity. If you tell yourself you HAVE to do the list, then you can make the next day productive.

Work out

If you have been sitting around all day staring at the computer or television, your body needs to get up and get going. Slip on some work out clothes and head to the gym or exercise to your favorite fitness video at home. Burning calories and moving your body will definitely make you feel more accomplished. You will never regret a work out!

Pamper yourself

Turn your unproductive day into a full on pamper/lazy day. This way you can relax and pretend that this was the purpose of your “day off.” Put on a face mask, take a bubble bath, paint your nails, do whatever makes you feel pampered! Now you can take full advantage of your relaxation and hopefully you’ll feel ready to take on tomorrow.

Get outside

If it’s a nice day out, take your dog for a walk, play catch with your siblings, sit on the deck and read a book. By getting outside you may not accomplish much but you can at least soak in some vitamin D and see a different scenery for the day. Besides, sunshine and warmth always brighten up my mood.

Clean up

If you’re anything like me, a clean room/house makes you feel good. Try to tidy up an area of you room or clean the whole house!! This will prevent a mess for later in the week, and maybe it will motivate you to start a new project!


Plan, plan, plan. For tomorrow, for the week, the year, your life! I know many people don’t like to do this,┬ábut I prefer to plan out many things, I think it’s fun and it gets me motivated. For example, I like planning things such as my meals for the week, my outfit for tomorrow, or my business/life plans and goals. This way I feel prepared and I know what to expect from myself. Planning will get you ahead of the game!


If you need some productivity tips to get more done, check out this post!


What do you do to get productive?

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