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It has been about one month since the day of my procedure. On January 6th I saw my eye doctor once again. I had to read off several letters for each eye, which is a bit of a struggle. I still see double vision/blur when the letters are small enough. They let me use this tool that you hold in your hand and you put it on your face like a masquerade mask. There are tiny holes on one side that help you see better. I think it may be for patients with an astigmatism, but whatever it was helped a lot. I wish I could see like that!! The doctor checked my eyes for any healing cells, and I still have a very little, little amount left to heal. He then checked my vision (with the phoropter) and said my vision is about +1.50 in both eyes, with an astigmatism of 2.something? I don’t really understand how the astigmatism number scale works, but I think mine is kind of high. Remember, I used to have a -7.00 prescription, so now I am far sighted!! I can see fine, I can drive (day and night), and I can live my everyday life. However, I know my vision is not where I want it to be, and the doctor believes I will most likely have to have the procedure again. He said something about the procedure “Astigmatism Relaxer.” So I’m unsure if I would need PRK again + the relaxer! I won’t know for sure until the 6 month mark, but I’ll be sure to update when the time comes!

I’m still happy with where I’m at, even if I can’t see perfectly. I will definitely get the procedure done again if necessary, but I really hope my vision just gets better and I won’t have to!

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