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Let’s see, last week I had ANOTHER exam to check out everything and potentially remove my contacts. I was told my corneas were still swollen, some cells in my right eye were still trying to heal, and that I had a slight astigmatism. Overall, everything looked good. The doctor removed my -0.25 contacts and replaced them with non-prescription astigmatism specific contacts (not sure what they were exactly). These contacts really, really helped my vision. It was almost perfect. They also improved my double vision greatly. However, she said I could remove them in 2-3 days to see how my vision has improved. That was Tuesday, I took them out Saturday evening. I left them in longer just to be safe. When I took them out my vision had improved, and the double vision decreased a bit when I looked at my phone/computer! Also, by this point the halos I saw around lights had decreased as well.

My regular eye doctor wanted me to be seen by the surgeons office (Woolfson Institute), just to get a second opinion from doctors with more knowledge of PRK. Good thing I’m on break from school because I basically live at the eye doctor’s! Anyway, I went to Woolfson Institute in Atlanta this time, on Monday, December 28th. The office is beautiful! I got my free coffee in the waiting room and was quickly taken back for some tests. The tests showed that I now was slightly far sighted! Two doctors checked out my eyes this time, they stained them and tested my vision. I was told there is a haze/cloudiness in my eye, that should go away as long as I keep using my steroid drops (Prednisolone). I still use them 4 times a day. The doctors said I may be on those for a little longer than planned, which is no problem at all. I also use artificial tears every 2-4 hours, depending on what I’m doing throughout the day. They expect everything to stabilize over the next couple of months, and my far sightedness should improve as well. They said my right eye is 20/20 with difficulty and my left eye is 20/30 and still needs to improve. I swear I could see better out of my left eye last week! Fluctuations are normal so I’m not surprised.

This week I also noticed that when I have a headache my vision gets worse, I’m assuming this may be normal? Also, my vision worsens as the day goes, they’re just tired I guess. All in all, I really can’t complain. A couple of weeks ago I could barely see, and now I’m almost 20/20! I can drive during the day and night, I can see mostly everything from a pretty far distance, and the double vision up close is definitely still improving. I have a lot of hope for my final result!! Remember to be patient! I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but the hardest part about this surgery for me is not being able to rub my eyes! I went from rubbing them whenever I felt the need too (especially after the shower, at work, and when I removed my contacts), to not rubbing them at all. It’s not horrible, but that would feel so good right now!!

I’m also so thankful that I am not being charged a dime for all these appointments, they are all included in my surgery payment!! I go back to my regular eye doctor January 6th for a one month post-op exam! Then after that I think I go another month later. I’ll update my results after then 🙂

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