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My PRK eye surgery journey: Pre-Op Exam

I am less than one week away from my PRK surgery. I’m nervous, excited, and ready to stop wearing these glasses! My surgery is on December 11th, 2015. They require you to stop wearing contacts for about 2 weeks before your surgery, so I’ve been wearing only glasses since Black Friday (November 27th, 2015)! Wearing glasses 24/7 isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was nervous to drive (especially at night), but it’s not difficult. I bathe dogs as a part-time job on the weekends and I was not excited to experience that, but it’s not difficult to manage. I also didn’t want to work out with glasses, but I just wipe the sweat and still work! Showering contactless is probably the worst, I hate not being able to see. A large spider fell from my loofah the other day (I think it was a spider, my vision is super bad!), I screamed pretty obnoxiously.

Anyway, I had my pre-op eye exam this past Wednesday (December 2nd, 2015). My mom had to drive me because I was getting a more intensive dilation. This time, they dilated my eyes and had me wait for a little. They used the “hot air balloon at the end of the road” machine to test/check whatever it is they’re checking. Then the doctor measured my eyes and checked my eyesight again with more detail, he wanted to ensure I really had a slight astimatism as well. I believe I have what they call a “half astigmatism” or something like that. The exam took less than an hour, the cost was free (well, included in my surgery cost), and I left with several free samples of expensive eye drops!

I’m not too nervous (yet). When I really start thinking about the procedure it makes me feel a bit nauseous and it gets my heart racing, so I try to avoid that. I just don’t want to regret this surgery later, obviously. I’ve been preparing for the surgery as the days go by. I’ve even started a list of questions to ask before surgery!

Things I purchased recently:

  • Ester C Vitamins (I take them once a day, plus all my other vitamins)
  • Systane Lubricating eye drops, the doctor gave me samples of Refresh Optive
  • Elasto-gel sinus mask (well it’s on it’s way), I ordered here

Things I need to purchase/do:

  • Blackout curtains (still not sure if I’ll get some, I may regret that later)
  • My prescription eye drops
  • Find some interesting (free) audiobooks to listen to while I sit in the dark for 72 hours
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