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A healthy lifestyle can be challenging. Make it simple with these tips!

Most people want to live a healthy lifestyle and want to love how they feel and look. While consuming nutritious foods and exercising regularly can sometimes be difficult, I think people tend to overcomplicate healthy living.

Your health should be your #1 priority in life! If you’re struggling with getting on track, try the following tips!

Get junk food out of your home

If cookies are sitting in your pantry do you think you have the willpower to resist them? The answer is probably no!

You’re way more likely to reach for something unhealthy/quick rather than the almonds sitting right next to it. Get the junk out of your house to avoid temptation and only buy those items in small amounts when you really do want them.

Pre-cut fruits and veggies

Buy some bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and your other favorite veggies and chop them up right away. Place them near the front of the fridge so they’re right in your face when you open the door.

For fruit I prefer to chop them up right before I eat them so they don’t brown, but having them available will make you eat them more often.

To make it even easier just purchase fruits such as berries or grapes that you can pick at or bananas that you can quickly peel.

Find an accountability partner

Healthy habits are a lot easier to actually make a habit out of if you’re doing it with someone else.

If you live with a significant other or family member see if they want to join you to get healthy together!

If you’re anxious about going to the gym, going with someone you trust makes it a lot easier. You can prepare healthy, nutritious meals together, go on walks/jogs together, share goals, etc.

It definitely makes a difference.

ALWAYS properly stretch and warm-up

A lot of people hate the feeling of sore muscles. Sore muscles can actually prevent you from continuing to work out.

It’s inevitable if you’re new to working out, if you try new workouts, or take a few days off, but you can help decrease the intensity of sore muscle pain by properly stretching, foam rolling, and warming up. All three can also prevent injury, which you definitely want to avoid if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Warm up with a walk, the stair master, etc…anything that increases your heart rate and gets your blood flowing.

Foam roll your whole body but really focus on tight areas and the body part you’ll be working that day.

Stretch all of your body as well, but legs are very important because they can cause a lot of injury! Be sure to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds…2 minutes if you can!!

If you’re getting back into something (running, lifting, etc.) be sure to do so gradually. All these things can be annoying and tedious but you’ll regret putting it off once something bad happens. Listen to your body!!

Purchase activewear that makes you feel amazing

Activewear is one of my favorite things ever! They’re comfortable, flattering, and what I usually feel my best in honestly. When you feel confident about how you look and you love your outfit, you’ll want to wear it and get your butt to the gym!

If you’re looking for affordable leggings that look great, check out these on Amazon:

Place your workout clothes right where you will see them

If you want to start working out in the morning, place your workout clothes wherever you go to first (the toilet or bathroom sink for example). That’s your cue to change into them and get it done!

Always bring snacks

If you’re running errands ALWAYS bring a couple snacks because things usually end up taking longer than you expected!

If you get hungry while you’re out you’ll likely end up buying junk from a vending machine or going out to a not-so-healthy restaurant. I like to bring a banana, a granola/protein bar, trail mix, an apple, rice cakes, etc.

Drink more water

Get into the habit of drinking more water because it will help with keeping you fuller for longer, digestion, and everything really! I aim for at least half my bodyweight in fluid ounces. If you drink a lot of coffee or caffeine in general be sure to drink more!

Don’t go grocery shopping while hungry

We all know what happens when you go grocery shopping hungry…

Plan your grocery trip soon after eating to avoid adding unnecessary food products or bad food to your cart. If I go grocery shopping hungry I end up scanning the junk food aisles and adding some Oreos or chips to my cart because I can open those right when I get in the car.

Always have a list when grocery shopping

A grocery list will not only benefit your health, but it will also save you time and money.

Plan your meals and snacks, write down all the items you’ll need, and stick to the list! With listless grocery shopping you’re going to reach for any and everything, a lot of which will likely end up being wasted.

Try meal prepping

I meal prep EVERY single week because it makes my life so much easier. At this point in my life I can’t imagine going back to cooking a different meal every evening. Not only does meal prepping save me a ton off time and money, but my diet stays on track and I have complete control over my portion sizes!

If you struggle to find the time to meal prep, check out Veestro! Veestro sends ready-to-eat meals right to your doorstep. All options are vegan and there’s so many meals to choose from…weight loss, juices, high protein, gluten-free, etc.

delicious to your doorstep

Don’t fall for health fads

‘It Works!’ wraps, skinny/detox tea, and 10 day juice cleanses are NOT going to work. Maybe temporarily, but these diets/fads typically result in more weight gain after they end. In reality a healthy lifestyle is very simple. Eat clean foods, exercise regularly, drink water, and allow yourself cheat meals in moderation.

These diets and fads are meant to pull you in (and your money in). If you see a really fit person promoting these products remember that they are getting paid to do so and they may not even use it themselves!

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Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t complicated, however our minds and our surroundings tend to make it seem that way. Apply these tips and care for your mind and body!

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2 thoughts on “Tips to Simplify Healthy Living

  1. Cutting up my fruit and veggies is a big thing for me. When I don’t do this in advance, I end up finding more unhealthy snacks.

    Posted on October 25, 2018 at 5:52 pm
    1. I’m the same way! There’s also something more appealing about apple slices rather than a whole apple 🙂

      Posted on October 26, 2018 at 4:35 pm