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I threw up twice this morning, I ate breakfast (OK I’ll be honest it was half a slice of chocolate cake), took half of a pain killer, as well as my vitamins. Whenever I take prescription pills, I always, always end up throwing up at least once. I rarely take pain killers, so my body reacts negatively. I haven’t taken my vitamins since then either, but I’ll get back in my routine soon. I was still really light sensitive this day. I was a bit more active (barely). I did two loads of laundry and vacuumed my room! I also stopped wearing the protective glasses in the middle of the night, because I think they’re annoying and I knew I wouldn’t rub my eyes. I took a real shower! I even washed my hair. I kept my eyes closed basically the entire time, but I did gently spread water over my face just to clean it off! I went to my step-cousins birthday celebration around 5 with some pain killers in my stystem so I was not really excited to be out. I ate some food, some cake, and then left within a couple of hours. I wore a hat and sunglasses the whole night which was awkward to explain to people I didn’t know. I believe we got home around 7, and I quickly went to sleep. This night I remember I woke up almost every hour to put eye drops in. My eyes were bothering me at times, but I think I was just having trouble sleeping and I think the more eyedrops the better! Again, no serious pain this day, just hard to keep my eyes open for more than a few seconds. My vision was about the same as the day before.

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