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I slept most of this day. I had to go to my eye doctor for a 10 am appointment to check everything. I barely remember it because I was so tired from the pain killers. I also was really sensitive to light this day, so I could barely keep my eyes open. The doctor asked me my pain level on a scale of 1 to 10. I said I really have no pain, just some stinging and light sensitivity. He seemed shocked by that. He said next time I saw him that they would take out my contact bandage, then put in a new one. I hope that’s not true, because I just want it out! I still didn’t watch any tv or use my phone/laptop this day, just slept like a cat. I did take about a 20 minute bath with some bath bombs I got for Christmas I got last year haha!! I still didn’t put water on my face. I have been using the Yes to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic face towelettes morning and night, which are really refreshing. Also, my hot/cold sinus mask came in the mail this day. I used it warm at first which was nice. I used it after it was in the freezer for a couple of hours too, it kind of felt like the contacts were freezing to my eyeballs so I didn’t use it long! I was mostly in the dark, but I was able to see pretty well!

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